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Joining the Output Area Classification User Group (OACUG) is totally free and will keep you up to date with all our latest news and events. To join OACUG you will need to register for our mailing list which is found by clicking the following link:

The essential information on this page are the two boxes “Your E-Mail Address:” and “Your Name:”. If you fill in these two boxes in and click “Join OAC-USERS” you will be on the emailing list.

We will use the emailing list to contact you about significant news and events, however it also allows members the ability to contact each other by emailing questions to: . These questions or comments are then sent to all users on the mailing list.

There are a number of advanced options that you can choose when registering to control the frequency and format of the mailings you receive, however we would suggest you just take the default options.

You may also be interested in joining the Royal Statistical Society and in particular the Statistical Users Forum.

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  • The Output Area Classification

    The Output Area Classification (OAC) distills key results from the Census for the whole of the UK to indicate the character of local areas.

    It profiles populations, structures other data, and helps target resources. OAC is in the public domain, and the User Group supports and promotes its use as geodemography open to all.

    More about: OAC, Getting Started, the User Group.
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  • Oac Interactive Map

    Extract from OAC Map
    OAC interactive map was developed by Richard Milton at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) at UCL.

    SOAC/DZ interactive map was developed by Maurizio Gibin and Singleton also in CASA and the Department of Geography at UCL.